Monday, January 28, 2013

thank you and goodbye

What a ride this has been.

In 2006, as I was entering my second year of being president of a women's club in Rochester, I told myself I wanted to take what I had learned as the club treasurer and president and turn it into a business I could own and run myself.  This blog has chronicled that process and the resulting business, JOOLZ, was like a fourth child for me.  I incubated it, birthed it, sent it out into the world and watched it succeed. 

The time has come, however, to put it to bed.  Since 2006 we have added another grandson to the first one, born in 2005, and a third grandchild is expected this summer.  We are still healthy and relatively mobile, and want to travel as much as possible while we can do so comfortably. We want to have the flexibility to pick up and go at the drop of a hat.  We don't want to put off to tomorrow what we can do today.

With all that in mind, I have closed my business completely, even shutting down the online store.  The corporation will be dissolved in the upcoming months and I will turn in my Sales Tax Certificate to the powers that be in Albany.  I'll be done, but the wonderful memories of customers who became friends, artists who became friends and drop-dead, gorgeous joolz will be with me forever.

Thanks to you all for being with me along the way.  It's been a treat to have had you at my side.

And now I will finish writing this blog (it'll stay online, because I want to be able to thumb through it whenever I want), and I have started writing a new blog, Brownies for Breakfast, that will chronicle our life, our travels and all the things I especially love.  If you're interested, I invite you to hop on over there and keep on riding with me.  And have a brownie, if you like.

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