Tuesday, March 31, 2009

paradise revisited

We're back from vacation and the store opens for the spring season tomorrow. But our hearts and minds are still 1500 miles south. It's hard to make the transition back to reality.

One way to stretch the enjoyment is to revisit some of the pictures we took along the way:

The view through our screened lanai, looking out at the Gulf of Mexico

Numerous wading birds tiptoeing around all the shells

A great blue heron visiting our chartered fishing boat

This snowy egret was taking a rest on the Cabbage Key dock

Dolphins surfing the wake of our boat

Calm waters, sunshine, mangroves and a roosting pelican - the very essence of southern Florida in March

Friday, March 20, 2009

mother nature - up close and personal

Dang it! I'm so mad at myself for forgetting to bring the camera cord that connects to the laptop. I've taken some great shots, but there's no way to put them up on the computer and therefore, no way to share them with you.

Today we and our friends chartered a boat to go out in the bay to visit some barely-inhabited islands. The sun was shining, the breezes were blowing softly, little puffs of clouds were in the sky and all was right with the world...at least for four hours this afternoon.

Soon after we left the dock a great blue heron decided he wanted to take a rest on the rear gunwale of our boat. Can you imagine - a huge, gorgeous bird standing on the boat not 3 feet away from you and looking you right in the eye. Amazing!

We saw manatees, huge cow-like mammals swimming close to the boat and coming up to take deep breaths of air occasionally. We saw dolphins coursing through the water, playing with us and with each other. Our boat captain said they like to "surf the wake," so he revved up the engine and took off flying over the water. Looking back at the wake, the dolphins were surfing under the water, right off the boat, and then jumped high out of the water, almost laughing with glee. They were having so much fun! One came close to landing right in the boat...now that would have been interesting!

It was an afternoon of incredible beauty - mother nature, up close and personal.

Monday, March 16, 2009

always on the prowl

Just because we're on vacation doesn't mean I'm not thinking about joolz. I'm ALWAYS thinking about joolz!

Yesterday my friend, Mary, and I traveled south to Bonita Springs to prowl through the art show at the Promenade. We arrived even before the opening bell, but they were taking $$, so we got in early. Nice to not have to fight the crowds.

The overall quality of work was quite high, with only a few artists whose work was a little below par. Of course I was mainly interested in the jewelry artists and remembered several from when I attended the show 2 years ago.

I absolutely fell in love with the work of Jayne DeMarcay from Louisiana. The daughter of a jeweler, Jayne apprenticed at her father's knee and began working with precious metals at the age of 15. Over the years she has developed a unique style reflecting her classical training coupled with a contemporary bent. I would love, love, love to have her work at JOOLZ, but she told me she only sells to retail customers at this point. She does a number of shows around the country and I'm sure has a wide following. Just wish I could convince her to send some of her joolz our way.

Here's a taste of what she does, all in 14K and sterling silver:

Small Scatter Slide

Grid Band

Hinged Links Geometric Bracelet

Cut Dome Slide

Saturday, March 7, 2009

then and now

  • grey skies
  • 13 degrees
  • howling wind
  • feeling tired


  • blue skies
  • 75 degrees
  • gentle breezes
  • feeling less tired