Monday, July 26, 2010


4th of July fireworks at Canandaigua's Kershaw Park.

Photo by Todd Matarazzo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sing along

We're all still reliving the family wedding in June. The MOB posted some pics on Facebook and I lifted this one of my brother, the FOB, together with my two girls. They're sure belting it out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

home sweet (old) home

You just never know who's going to walk into the store!

This past weekend was the Art and Music Festival in downtown Canandaigua and the sidewalks were full of people all weekend long. Many of them found their way into JOOLZ, many for the first time...several longtime friends and customers. It was great exposure for the store and I think we made lots of new friends who will return and return.

Two women and one of their daughters came in and looked all around. One decided to buy a necklace and I went to the computer to input her info for our customer files. (We keep names and addresses, along with contact info, on everyone who is willing to share it. We find that having the ability to look up previous purchases is very helpful when trying to answer questions or to direct someone shopping for that customer).

Imagine my great surprise when this new customer gave me a house address right next door to the house where I grew up! My parents brought me home from the hospital to that wonderful house and Larry and I had our wedding reception in the back yard. It truly was the only house I knew until I flew the coop (and landed in Texas - a story for another time).

The customer and I chatted about the 3 families who have lived in "my" house since Dad sold it in 1976. It sounds like she loves the neighborhood as much as we did. I told Larry about meeting Carol and then dreamed about my home, sweet (old) home that night. It looked just the way I remember it - not the way it looks now. I'm still likin' the former white shingles and black shutters better!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

soul proprietor

This morning I was looking through my favorite blogs and came upon a 45-minute podcast with Jane Pollak, a successful lifestyle entrepreneur who began her career as a young mother/art teacher who designed Ukrainian decorative eggs. 30 years later she has written a book, works with individual clients and has a successful speaking career.

Jane comes across as extremely centered, very positive and very happy with what she does.

Life is good for Jane.

Life is good for Francie, too, but Francie is happy to take some of Jane's words of wisdom and apply them to her own life/business:

"I create what I want in my business."

"Be passionate - do it with your whole heart."

"If you don't set your own goals, someone else will do it for you."

"If I'm happy doing what I'm doing - that's success."

I'm ordering Jane's book this morning!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bathing beauties

If you're in the Northeast, you know that the current weather is almost unbearable....high 90's in both temp and humidity. Stiffling. Beyond uncomfortable. Treacherous.

I need to go for a swim. Think I will get the girls together and make a party of it.

Do you want to join us??