Sunday, February 27, 2011

back in paradise

This is the view from our screened-in lanai (please forgive the screen grids). Not a snowflake in sight. Decompression has begun. 'Nuf said.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

yesterday :: today :: tomorrow

  • green grass everywhere
  • 55 degrees and sunny
  • red Mustang convertible spotted with the top down; driver grinning


  • persistent snow falling since early morning
  • winds howling
  • frequent white-out conditions
  • 7" so far and climbing
  • fire snapping in the fireplace
  • almost no cars seen on the road
  • only bits of "red" spotted today have been of the feathered variety:

  • shovel out
  • close up the store for vacation
  • stop by the bank
  • gas up the car
  • start packing
  • goodbye 20 degree weather - hello 80's!

JOOLZ is closed for vacation and will reopen on April 1st. WOO HOO!

Friday, February 4, 2011

kerry's new digs

The Rochester art scene celebrates its artists and galleries at monthly First Friday open houses. Tonight was the first First Friday for glass jewelry artist Kerry Bogert, one of our favorites at JOOLZ. Kerry recently made the big move from her home basement studio to Studio #307 in Rochester's Hungerford building, located near the Goodman Street railroad yards.

In the early to mid-1900's, the Hungerford Building was a major manufacturing plant for the J. Hungerford Smith Co., which made "True Fruit" flavored syrups as well as the syrup for A&W root beer. It now houses small companies, individual apartments and art space. Tonight it was hoppin' with art patrons and I was one of them.

After climbing the three flights of stairs to Kerry's studio, I was greeted by cheerful balloons in the hallway outside her door. While I had watched the space come to life on Kerry's blog, it was so much more fun to see it in person.

On one wall was Kerry's great studio sign:

Kerry has had her hands full this week with kids down with the flu and school snow days, but she was there tonight, beaming with pride at being in her own space:

Extremely organized, Kerry has created her studio with care and style. Her glass rods are ready to be pulled from her self-designed "down spout" racks:

Her latest works are displayed in a wonderful old bookcase that she and her son painted a sophisticated black:

The necklace on the far left was created today, just in time for the open house:

And now her work table is cleaned off and ready for another day:

Just imagine all the colorful beads that will made at this torch, ready to be incorporated into another wonderful Kerry Bogert creation. Congrats, Kerry! - you're a shining star.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day

We were ready - a "massive" storm was predicted. Gas in the cars - check. Gas at home for the snowblower and the generator - check. Fridge full of necessities - o.j., chocolate, root beer - check. Library books waiting to be read - check. DVR loaded with favorites - check. OK - bring it on!

The lake has finally frozen. All the schools in the area are closed. There's an icy layer beneath the snow. All the cars coming up the hill are definitely traveling at reduced speeds. The "massive" storm dumped about 3 inches at our house.

No one will be shopping today. Do I really want to slide 10 miles into town to open the store?

Firewood ready - check. Hot chocolate and marshmallows in the cupboard - check. Snow day for JOOLZ - check.