Saturday, October 15, 2011

yes, we make house calls

In today's busy world, most women are constantly juggling home, work, family and fun. That can often lead to many "I meant to ___________ today, but time just got away from me" days. What to do when you know you need/want a new piece of jewelry to go with a certain outfit and there's no time to shop?

Well....if you're like my friend, X, you mention to me at a party that you're looking for a necklace to go with some brown fall clothes. The next day, I make a trip around the shop, looking for likely contenders. Finding several, I call X and we agree to meet at her house later in the afternoon. I hop in my pink Mary Kay caddy (just kidding!) and take a collection of joolz for her to try on in the privacy of her home. She puts on her brown top and tries on several necklaces. One is just perfect. She smiles. I smile. Even her husband smiles, especially as the necklace has a finger-friendly, large toggle clasp. Totally and completely painless, minimal interruption to her day and everyone is happy.

No, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. But I do make house calls!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

good news/bad news

No posts in about a month. Ouch!

The good news is that we ended our fiscal year on September 30th and sales were double digit percentages ahead of last year, despite the rocky economy. Thanks to all our wonderful customers, those who keep coming back and those who find us for the first time.

The bad news is that the home computer is still sick. I can't find several hundred e-mails and can't upload any photos from my camera. That software seems to have taken a hike. But now that our handsome, 12-week old, grandson has left after a wonderful 2-week visit, I will have some extra time to work on that. We've had several deliveries of new joolz and I want to show them to you. Please be patient. Images are coming....hopefully soon.