Monday, March 8, 2010

spoiler alert

Read ahead only if you want to see some new pieces that will be coming from California artist Shirley Price...

I had a great time choosing from Shirley's new collection while at the ACC show in Baltimore. Here are two new designs that will be available in early April at the new JOOLZ location:

Emperor's Sunset

Turquoise of the Sea


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I think we're in southwest Florida, but looking around, it's really hard to tell...
  • the car thermometer says it's 56 degrees outside
  • the guy directing traffic on this no-stoplight island is wearing a winter jacket, gloves and a wool hat pulled down over his ears
  • several of the (very) few people walking the beach are wearing ear muffs
  • we're sleeping under a heavy duvet at night and had the heat on inside the condo yesterday
  • I often wear my fleece jacket while inside
  • the library was filled to overflowing today - everyone wants to be inside, including me

We have company arriving on Sunday. Let's hope it warms up by then...