Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This floor quilt says it all.


Loved being in Denver for Katie's baby shower this weekend.

Love that Katie's Aunt Jossie made this charming quilt for Paddington.

Love that I got to spend time with both my daughters together.

Love that Paddington is almost fully cooked and should arrive in just 5 weeks!!

(Sorta) love that my 5 1/2 year old grandson loves to tease me about frogs, lizards and snakes. Love that I will see him and his mommy again in just 2 weeks.

Love that I got home safe and sound.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

inside looking out

This was the view from the inside looking out today.

Numerous worker bees. Miles of yellow caution tape. Large cement truck. Orange cones blocking off every single parking spot on our block. What a mess!

For several weeks, downtown has been a full-fledged disaster area. FEMA should have been called. First all the Main Street trees were removed. Then the old gas line was dug up and replaced. Next, new laterals were installed to the individual business meters. Then the sidewalk was repaired. But not permanently. Parts of it will be dug up again next year, to replace the trees and hopefully make it look more attractive.

And the customers? Hiding, for the most part. Who wants to deal with no parking and the mess of torn up sidewalks?

But once the concrete dries (and that shouldn't take too long, since it was in the 90's today), it will be easy navigating again. Not too pretty, but walkable.

Come visit. We've missed you!