Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a week in the west

We've just returned from a wonderful week in Wyoming and Montana, where we visited with friends, stayed at some great lodges and saw absolutely magnificent scenery. We had perfect weather - clear, blue skies, low 70's in the afternoons and 40's at night. The stars were out, the elk were bugling (an eerie sound the bull elk makes at night during the mating season) and the aspens were turning a glorious yellow. We couldn't have picked a better week to take a break.

First we traveled from Jackson Hole up to Yellowstone, where the crowds were minimal and we saw Old Faithful put on her mind-boggling show:

We drove on up to Big Sky where we stayed in a magnificent lodge 4 miles up the side of a mountain. Here's the view of the inground hot tub looking into the hills:

The scenic views took our breath away everywhere we turned:

Next up, a visit to Virginia City, where we saw the early version of JOOLZ:

From there we traveled to a working ranch, where we stayed one night on our way back to Jackson Hole. This is Brad Pitt and Robert Redford territory - near the Madison River where "A River Runs Through It" was filmed. More magnificent scenery and many, many fly fishermen out in the middle of the river, doing their best to catch the trout:

Finally, back to Jackson Hole to spend some time with our dear friends, Mary and Ken. We ate well, visited with Mary's family, shopped, found several exciting, new artists for JOOLZ, relaxed and continued to drink in the scenery. Here's our view of the Tetons from the restaurant where we had dinner last night:

We got up at 5am this morning to catch our plane to Chicago, missing Jackson's predicted two inches of snow by a couple of hours. Phew!!

What a trip! One of our best ever....thanks to Mary and Ken, Mary's dear mother and our friends Susan and Ron, who shared some time with us in their West Yellowstone getaway spot. We'd love to do it all over again...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

john deere at work

John Deere was out mowing the field below our house this afternoon when he rolled the mower into a hole. He's fine....the mower's fine....the Jeep's fine....but thank goodness for AWD. Recently there was an extensive article in our local newspaper about all the farm accidents this summer, with several overturned machines causing serious injuries. Glad John Deere avoided that this afternoon!

On my way back up to our house on the hill, I took this shot of the burning bush that grows by the stone wall of the garden. The reds are gradually overtaking the green leaves. Fall is in the air. I'm not ready!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

grab 'em while you can

As mentioned previously, we have a dwindling supply of bronze joolz by California artist Anne Dick. Now retired, Anne sold her business but the new owners haven't started producing her designs yet. If they could see our sales numbers for Anne Dick jewelry, they would get on it pretty quickly. It would be a win-win for them.

For us, right now, it's a no-win. We love it, our customers love it, and we can't get any more.

This morning we sold 3 pieces. We no longer have any AD bracelets; we have only 2 necklaces, several earrings (pierced and clips), one pendant and a few pins. Then that's it. If you love Anne Dick joolz, come in and grab 'em while you can.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

having the time of her life

(Photo by Vasiliy Baziuk)

This marvelous picture of a dear friend, Eleanor Hickman, was featured in today's Daily Messenger. Eleanor is 100 years old, a gracious, lovely woman who is always up for a fun adventure. How about a hot air balloon ride? Up she went, gleefully riding high above Canandaigua Lake. She makes my heart sing.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

full moon rising

The full moon rising over Bare Hill - a perfect ending to a perfect summer day. So sad that it's the last weekend of the summer season at the lake.