Sunday, July 11, 2010

soul proprietor

This morning I was looking through my favorite blogs and came upon a 45-minute podcast with Jane Pollak, a successful lifestyle entrepreneur who began her career as a young mother/art teacher who designed Ukrainian decorative eggs. 30 years later she has written a book, works with individual clients and has a successful speaking career.

Jane comes across as extremely centered, very positive and very happy with what she does.

Life is good for Jane.

Life is good for Francie, too, but Francie is happy to take some of Jane's words of wisdom and apply them to her own life/business:

"I create what I want in my business."

"Be passionate - do it with your whole heart."

"If you don't set your own goals, someone else will do it for you."

"If I'm happy doing what I'm doing - that's success."

I'm ordering Jane's book this morning!

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Linda Merrill said...

Thanks for your shout out about our Skirted Roundtable interview with Jane! I've always found her to be such an inspiration and I'm glad you did too! I'm adding your post to our SRT sidebar!